November 6, 2012

A look inside the boxes

   I tweet with a bunch of different cigar people as you know, and the other day one of the blogger's had a contest, part of it was to show your stash. This is my stash. Part of the contest was to put their app on your phone. I have an original DROID by motorola and it works fine but is starting to show it's age, so I chose not to add another app at this time. but I still wanted to show my stash, remember I am "the newbie" and I started this in February of this year. Tell me how I'm doing. 

This is the collection of my boxes, not including the 42 count travel humidor, and the Drew Estates I won last week.

The Drew Estates Humidor is really quite nice, leather bound outer, with a magnet to make sure you have a nice seal, spanish cedar inside so that when I first opened it, the smell of the cedar came wafting out.. I had to make sure I filled it with items of a like nature....couple of #9's, a dirty rat, Ratzilla's, a Feral flying pig, couple of  L40's..Oh no I don't have any t52's maybe next week

The small boxes on top are my first ones, and special to me. I have filled those with my special cigars.

God of fires, Opus X's, 1964 anniversary, my Fathers #3 and a LE bijou 1922, The prensado, Emilio's Draig, Davidoff anniversary#3, Ahton ESG 21, a dirty rat , another feral pig.

 Boxes #3 and #4 are not as sexy as the above because these are the ones I go to for my everyday smokes besides what is in the big tall Glass one. Got some Knuckle draggers, then some casa magna, La flor antilles, (still trying to decide if I like them the 1st 2/3's are really good but the finish is bitter to me.) Scencillo blacks, A Vegas 5, 601 blue the only cigar to knock me on my butt so far, an Ancient warrior, the absolute worst thing I have ever smoked, but someone told me let it age for a few years and it will be good, "Really". and then on to box 4 which is stuffed with Drew Estates stuff, some uzi's, Baitfish, Cuenca blanca's, Joya's, Undercrowns, but there will never be an Acid in there. Sorry Johnathon

Box 5 is filled with overflow, and just got it, aging. This box sometimes is actually empty, ( ok it was empty for 3 weeks).

We now take a trip to my fifty dollar craigslist treasure not including a huge Romeo n Juliete Ashtray that's too pretty for cigars..

On the very bottom a boveda pack and then some Tubo's I've collected, then the My father's tray, and the loose tobacco tray on top, this is all before we get to the three rows.

Next we have three shelves that are all 2 rows deep per shelf.

Can you think of anything that I am missing if so please let me know.

"The Newbie"

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